What’s Wrong with This Picture?

You have heard the saying, “everybody is a critic.” If you want to avoid criticism, stay home, and do absolutely nothing.  Optimism is a gift we give ourselves. Walking a path of positivity is not for the faint of heart. 

The baseline

So how do we guide ourselves to see that the glass is half full?  In many difficult situations, the worst did not happen. Something you don’t like happened, but not the very worst. This is the baseline when transforming from a pessimist to an optimist.

The bigger picture

The next step is to look at the bigger picture. You might be in an uncomfortable spot, but if you open your eyes and look around, there might be blessings the person next to you does not have.  You might not like your job, but the person next to you is unemployed. Your partner may be getting on your nerves during the pandemic, but the person next to you might be a widower. Your car might be old with some scratches, but person next to you may have no car and cannot afford another.

The breakfast of champions

Lastly, feed yourself positive messages every day like the breakfast of champions. You might consider waking up with positive affirmations, meditations, music, podcasts, etc. Take brain breaks while at work, home, or school and recharge with a 5–10-minute inspirational video, picture, or blog post. Whatever works for you. The path to positivity is not a destination, it is a journey. You work at it every day and ignore the naysayers.

As an optimist, you still have challenges and obstacles in life, but you will not fall into crushing defeat and despair. Seeing the silver lining, will help you bounce back from difficulties like rubber band.

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