Justice Without the Courts: Your Journal Prompt #114

Have you ever felt the sting of injustice? This week’s blog post has real-world secrets for navigating unethical people and situations. After reading this post, please use your power of persuasion for good, not evil. “The world is an ugly place.” You have probably heard this before. We can all see the TV ads for […]

Love and Independence: Your Journal Prompt #113

He loves me. He loves me not. She loves me. She loves me not. Love of self eliminates the need to be approved and accepted by others. You can just BE. What is self-love? When you love yourself, you accept your strengths and weakness. You can always strive to be better, but perfection is an […]

Illusions: Your Journal Prompt #112

There is perception and there is truth. We often write grand “stories” about ourselves and the people around us—to be retold over and over again in our minds. The stories often skew towards the negative. Our ancestors survived with a grand sense of pessimism towards the unknown or one bad experience. Don’t eat those purple […]

Role Model, Be One: Your Journal Prompt #111

In the world, we are slowly recovering from a pandemic. In the USA, we are exploring reform to stop racial injustice. Everybody has an opinion on how to bring about change. March here. Donate there. Tweet that. Be a ROLE MODEL. If you care about your community and want to stop the spread of COVID-19, […]

Embrace the Other: Your Journal Prompt #110

His skin color is different than mine. Her eyes are different. Look at that hair, those clothes, the walk. They are all from over there! Too many of us see healthy differences and judge them as inferior or something to be afraid of.  Movies, books, and other entertainment remake the “Other” and turn it into […]

Rebuilding the Fort: Your Journal Prompt #109

Sometimes life smacks you in the face. You didn’t even see it coming. Maybe you are blindsided by a job loss. Maybe you are surprised by the passing of a loved one. Maybe you are used to a certain way of doing things, then the rules change. The world can be unpredictable. After you roll […]

Drop the Grudge: Your Journal Prompt #108

We all make mistakes. Sometimes we need to give forgiveness. Sometimes we need to receive forgiveness. Holding on to grudges because of perceived wrongs can make us sick mentally or physically.  At times, hurt is part of life. A parent may criticize us. A partner may cheat. That co-worker might steal your best project idea.  […]

Grit vs. IQ: Your Journal Prompt #106

I think I can. I think I can. Grit. To be successful in this world, you need more than just IQ points. Grit, the ability to persevere, will carry you through the darkest times. Grit is not really taught in schools today. If you struggle in school, you get a low grade, then you move […]

The Silver Lining: Your Journal Prompt #105

Calm and clear your mind. Consider your struggles and successes. When you wake up in the morning do you choose to try again? Or just lay in bed defeated? If you choose to try again, that is the silver lining. Write it down. Hold on to it. Keeping a journal can help you commit to […]

Releasing Fear Through Writing: Your Journal Prompt #104

We are living in trying times. It is normal to feel difficult emotions. There are different strategies for releasing fear in a way that is healthy and positive. Believe in the power of the pen. Write. Recognize the sense of fear. After a certain point in life, many of us never say out loud that […]

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