Magic and Delight

Blood Magic Kiss

I pulled out of the vision.  Devlin and I were kneeling on the carpet.  He had wrapped his body around me. My arms had snaked their way around his taunt waist.  His hands traveled up my back into my hair then he was pulling me back.  His mouth slashed across mine – hungry and fierce.  I couldn’t deny that I wanted him. His blood had a carnal effect on me.  A part of me realized I had indeed been avoiding him.  I was afraid to explore the possibility that I could get used to drinking his blood. I was surrounded by the wild earthy sent of him.  He kissed me until I was gasping for breath.

Want more? “Blood Magic” by RL Collins has been released on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. In “Blood Magic,” Selina Anderson battles vampires, witches, and were-animals to save small town Virginia. In this thrilling adventure, carnal delights can bring death or life.

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