Blood Magic, Episode 17 – Et Tu Brute

Blood Magic Revised Cover 2020

Thank you to the listeners, followers, and subscribers who choose to stay with us at this time. As the world changes around us, we must take time to recharge. Indigo Stone will continue to podcast and blog. RL Collins will continue writing the sequel to “Blood Magic.”

Et tu, Brute? is a Latin phrase literally meaning ‘and you, Brutus?’ or ‘also you, Brutus?’, often translated as ‘You as well, Brutus?’ or ‘Even you, Brutus?’ Though the historical Caesar’s last words are not known with certainty, the Roman historian Suetonius, a century and a half after the incident, claims Caesar said nothing as he died, but that others reported that Caesar’s last words were this Greek phrase.

Welcome to podcast episode 17 of “Blood Magic,” a vampire hunter novel.

In “Blood Magic,” Selina Anderson is a small-town teacher with a big-time problem with vampires who are out to kill her before she can make them her next meal.  She is looking forward to a quiet lazy summer in Culpeper, Virginia, where everybody knows everybody.  At least this is her plan until three strangers enter her life in one day. 

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