Life can pull us in different directions. Family, friends, and co-workers need us! People count on us to problem solve, motivate them through difficult times, or to buy milk from the grocery store. How can you get it all done and balance with a certain amount of grace? Time management.

Understand You Are Not Perfect

It is okay, you can admit to yourself that you are not perfect. Did you also know that nobody is perfect? Take a moment right now to realize it is okay to make mistakes and be imperfect. As you work to improve your time management skills, understand that some plans will fall through. Try again.

Plan Each Day

You do not have to be a type A personality to plan your days. Even though there is some unpredictability to life, you can still make plans. There are different ways you can do this to be successful. One suggestion is to take a few minutes every night before bed and put together your agenda for the next day. Leave open spaces for breaks and the unexpected.

Prioritize Your Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Tasks

To boost the effectiveness of your private planning sessions, you should identify the priorities for upcoming days, weeks, and even months. Projecting out towards future tasks will allow you to spread your workload out over time so you are not overwhelmed or stressed out.  You will be able to establish a structured routine you can live with. 

Use Time Management Tools

One of the best things you can do to manage your time more wisely is by using as many tools as necessary to support your position. There are millions of computer programs and smartphone apps out there waiting to make your life easier with a simple download. Make technology work for you!

NEXT STEPS: Open a writing app on your phone and jot down 5 important tasks you have for the week. Then plan how to get them done.

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