There are a million resources on how to write a good resume. Some advice is good. Some advice is outdated. Use a few tips and strategies here to make you shine in front of a hiring manager.

Do not put your whole life story in the resume. List your last three relevant jobs. Explain employment gaps. Keep the resume to one page. Use key words tailored to the job vacancy.

Keep a master list of ALL your jobs somewhere private. Before you really put yourself out there, create a master document of all the jobs you have had. Include special projects, accomplishments, promotions, awards, and honors. Keep it handy so you can pull what you need for different job applications without too much thought.

Put your best experience and accomplishments on the top third of your resume. Employers use software to scan and screen resumes. If your resume makes to a real person, they are only going to skim your resume above “the fold.” You get a 3-5 seconds to grab attention! Hook the hiring manager with the juiciest bits of your career so he/she will keep reading and ultimately call you!

Use reverse chronological order. Chronological order is very traditional. You have other options like a functional resume or combination resume. You might even consider a skills-based resume. A fancier resume might look nice, but it could raise suspicion with a hiring manager. Use the tried-and-true reverse chronological order and explain employment gaps if it is a worry.

Consider using an online supplement to examples of your work. If you are worried about selling yourself short with a one-page resume, posts a link to your professional sites. At the top of your resume include a link to a personal website (e.g., LinkedIn) where you can dig deeper into why you are a Rockstar employee.

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