Some might think writing the contact information on a resume is a no-brainer, but there are a few tips and tricks to make you shine. There are five pieces of information to include on your resume as we head into 2021: name, email address, abbreviated physical address, current phone number, and professional portfolio links.

First, include your first and last name at the top of the resume. The resume is not a legal document, so feel free to use a preferred name and/or nickname. Remember you get one time to make a first impression, represent yourself well.

With the pandemic, everything starts online. You need a clean, professional email address in the contact section of your resume. Do not use the email address for your current employer, that is a conflict of interest. Plus, it can be very awkward if your current boss finds out you are job hunting before you formally resign.  Avoid party names or sexy email addresses. A variation of your first and last name always works.

Nowadays, you do not need to list your complete physical address. As a matter of internet safety, do NOT include your complete physical address. All you really need is your city and state. Keep it simple. Wait to be asked for more information if it is needed.

Use a current phone number that you check on a regular basis. Just as you want a clean, professional email address, you want a clean, professional voice mail greeting. If you miss a call, return the message promptly. Most interviews begin with a screening phone interview.

Lastly, consider including links to a professional portfolio or online profile at the top of your resume. Reread the job vacancy to understand if it is required for the job. Then, double check that the profiles are current, relevant to the job, and free of typos.

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