His skin color is different than mine. Her eyes are different. Look at that hair, those clothes, the walk. They are all from over there!

Too many of us see healthy differences and judge them as inferior or something to be afraid of.  Movies, books, and other entertainment remake the “Other” and turn it into a villain.  The bad guys wear hoodies and listen to rap music. Someone new in the neighborhood might be up to no good and a thief.  People who voice opposing opinions might turn violent and do us harm.

This is all nonsense. We exaggerate the differences in our personalities, communities, and cultures to inspire hate. Some people with no other sense of spirit and life can band together in hate.

Wise up. The “Other” is what makes life interesting. We can separate plasma from blood because of the “Other.” We can analyze galaxies with an x-ray spectrometer because of the “Other.” We found the precursor to dry cleaning because of the “Other.” Children play with the super soaker water toy, because of the “Other.” Dark purple berry lipstick exists because of the creativity of the “Other.”

Use this week’s journal prompt to celebrate differences in form, thought, and life.

Prompt #110: Describe a time when you stepped outside your comfort zone. How did it make you feel? What did you learn? Who did you meet along the way?

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