“Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates:

Is it true?

Is it necessary?

Is it kind?”

― Rumi

You are who you say you are. If you tell yourself you are magnificent, you are magnificent. If you tell yourself you are a failure, you are a failure. In this world, we take in messages from countless sources – family, friends, social media, Hollywood, etc. However, the loudest voice in our head, is our own.

Our thoughts are shaped by our perception of the world around us. Our thoughts become our words, and the words become our common language. Language is at the core of our personal relationships. How you talk to yourself and others, determines the quality of your relationships. If you do not like or love yourself, you speak words of negativity. The only people who will spend time with you are those who agree with your words. Then you wonder why you have difficult relationships with people who do not seem to like you or love you.

On the flip side, being positive and speaking words of encouragement to yourself can change your perception of challenging situations. Speaking encouragement and support releases stress and anxiety. The people around you will be attracted to your grace under pressure. You will have a healthier relationship with yourself and the world around you.

Remember, words DO matter. You are who you say you are. The people around you will mirror your self-perception. Positive people spend time with happy people. Pessimists spend time with other unhappy people…or alone.

Grab your journal or a post-it and write down your top three accomplishments for 2020, no matter how small. Whenever you feel doubt, review the list. Plan for more greatness in 2021.

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