“Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.” ― Dalai Lama

Distractions. Did that cashier roll her eyes? I wanted that parking spot, now he has it. I hate waiting in line at DMV. There are tons of distractions in the world today that can throw you off track. The key to survival is to set positive intentions. Put on angelic blinders to ignore the small stuff and set a strong focus.

Normally, the idea of putting on blinders has a negative connotation. But in this context, you must do it! Family, friends, and co-workers are dealing with COVID-19, an uncertain economy, and other stressors you may or may not know about. Focus on YOU. Make sure you have your sh*t together.  IGNORE small irritations that you cannot change.

If you are a night owl, set your daily intentions before you go to bed. If you are a morning person, set your daily intentions when you first wake up. Basically, all that matters during times of stress is maintaining food, shelter, clothing, and gas in your car or funds for public transportation. Take care of your own needs for survival first. When you are strong and stable, reach back and help others. You cannot help anybody if your “cup is empty.”

Use this week’s journal prompt #119 to help you get started:

There are limited hours in one day. Today, the top three things I must accomplish are…

This week, it is necessary that I accomplish the following tasks for peace and stability…

In the next 30 days, my household will be stronger if I satisfy these five goals…

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