In many parts of the world, businesses and schools are reopening. We want change. We want freedom.  It can be a busy time. It can be a stressful time.  Be careful about griping to other people who have their own lives to manage. Write it down!

Choose a journal that inspires you. Do not choose a journal that is so fancy and expensive that you do not want to write in it. Pick a reasonable size. If it is too big, you cannot easily carry it around. If it is too small, your writing might be cramped or a strain to read. Choose a paper journal. With a paper journal you do not need to boot up, recharge, or download when you feel inspired to write.

Date your journal entry. When the time is right, you might decide to reread your thoughts. With a date, you can reflect on your evolution, grand adventures, or repeating cycles in your life.

Tell the truth….at least to yourself. In life we have different roles to play—husband, mother, sister, nephew, employee, friend, etc. At times, we might present a certain face to navigate the waters. In your journal, tell the truth. If you feel angry—say you are angry. If you feel sad—talk about why. If you feel like king of the mountain—brag and brag until your heart is content.

Write down the details of the situation or location. Use the five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, hear, and taste.

Write a lot or write a little. No one is going to see the writing unless you choose to share.  It is all about you. Write in prose, poetry, or even try a word collage. You decide.

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