The dark creamy swirl of warm liquid. Coffee. A cool stream of water down your back on a hot day. Cold shower. Hitting snooze on the alarm clock because you do not have to go to work. Saturday.  Sometimes, you take a step back and enjoy the small pleasures in life. 

There is a lot of potential worry in the world with this pandemic, politics, and an uncertain economy. If you slow down, look around you, there are small joys in life to keep you motivated. It is important for your health and well-being to be able to find the positive during difficult times. Self-care through simple pleasures will make you a better partner, parent, and friend. 

The greatest joys in life, often have no real price tag.

You can sit on your porch and watch the sun come up.  You can volunteer at the local shelter and cook meals. You can Zoom with family and friends who may be many miles away.  You can listen to a podcast while stuck in traffic.  You can sit up at midnight journaling your wildest hopes and dreams. The options are limitless.

Take care of you. Fortify your soul. Then reach back and bring others along with you. Build a family or community of support during these trying times. We are in this together.

Try your hand at this week’s journal prompt:  Look around the space you are in. Find one thing that brings you pleasure or is a favorite item. Describe it in detail. How does it look, feel, smell, taste, sound? Now, give it a personality and write a fictional adventure in your journal.

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