“Without action, you aren’t going anywhere.”  Mahatma Gandhi

With hope you can survive anything. With hope and action, you do not just survive but you thrive. Hope is believing without seeing. Take your hope and persevere towards a goal through action. Even when you do not know all the steps and obstacles up ahead, take one step at a time.

Through journaling you can record daily motivational messages to keep your hope strong. Whether the nuggets of wisdom come from you, family, or unsung heroes – it does to matter. Write it down and let it seep into your soul. Then back it up with action.

The same journal can be used to make 30, 60, 90-day plans in career, family, personal growth, etc. The trick is that the journal is for your eyes only. It does not matter if you make little mistakes or are unsure about what you tell yourself. Keep it positive. Make little adjustments. Consistently work towards your goals. Let hope lull you to sleep. Allow action to wake you up full of passion and energy. Whether it takes you one week, one month, or one year – believe in yourself.

Here is your journal prompt for the week:  My hope today is…  Tomorrow, my next step towards this wish, will be…

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