Do you ever feel pulled in different directions? Your family wants this. Your job wants that. The kids are buzzing around needing this AND that. Sometimes, just sometimes, the stress and anxiety you feel in life has nothing to do with you. It is OTHER people’s crap! Learn to drop it.

First sign of crap:  Every time you are around a certain person or situation you feel tense. If you can wake up feeling good, then flip a switch when you meet a certain person—it is NOT you. The person you are dealing with has a certain energy. Maybe there was a previous incident. Maybe they communicate in a difficult manner. Find a mutual friend to help bring you two together. Or limit your time with this person if you cannot pinpoint the source of conflict.

Second sign of crap:  Your stomach hurts. Some people are very stoic. They carry themselves through life. They carry whole tribes on their back and never say a word. If you find that your digestion is off every time you are in a certain situation, it is NOT you. The environment you are in is not healthy for you. Speak up. Ask for help. Or drop it and lighten your load.

Third sign of crap:  You frequently get robbed in tangible and intangible ways. Sometimes you meet snake charmers. These are people who smile and are very charismatic. However, every time you around this person you lose something. You lose time. You lose money. You lose power. You find yourself saying yes to things you should not be doing. It is NOT you. You are dealing with someone who is great at manipulation. Run, run far away.

The best way to prevent getting sucked into other people’s crap is to “know thy self.” Know what you will and will not stand for. Learn to say no in diplomatic ways. Build healthy, personal boundaries. Set aside time to be alone and turn off the noise. When you are always around other people, you constantly take in their energy and opinions. It is good to sit in the silence and reconnect with yourself. You may do this through journaling, meditation, gaming, gardening, etc. Pick an activity you enjoy and can perform solo.

Here is journal prompt #116:  The last time I sat in silence, I discovered…

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