Have you ever felt the sting of injustice? This week’s blog post has real-world secrets for navigating unethical people and situations. After reading this post, please use your power of persuasion for good, not evil.

“The world is an ugly place. You have probably heard this before. We can all see the TV ads for lawsuits against talcum powder cancer, childbirth mishaps, and car accidents. Everybody wants to sue. Everybody wants justice. I am a VICTIM!

If there has been no real physical or financial injury, you do NOT have a court case. The best justice is prevention, reading early warning signs, and DISCRETION. Never tell someone who is ugly to you, that they are ugly. The person will work that much harder to be petty and throw down unnecessary obstacles.

When faced with the devil, kill her with kindness. Discreetly navigate around predatory people.

If you get a sloppy meal in a restaurant, do not complain to the waiter. Do not give them time to prepare another meal with a side of spit. Smile and say, “no thanks.” Try another restaurant. If you have a backstabbing coworker stealing your best ideas, change how you share your ideas. Instead of brainstorming with individuals, keep it to yourself, polish it, then share in team meetings. Put the grand idea in writing. If you are looking to buy a property, you have proven written qualifications, and there is real estate discrimination – do not waste your time getting a lawyer. Larger companies know the laws better than you. Take your case to the consumer alert department of your local news station. Most businesses hate bad publicity and will work with you to resolve the issue privately.

Use your power of persuasion for good, not evil. Do not complain about people and systems because you are having a bad day, or your favorite TV show was canceled. There are supposed to be challenges in life that we grow through. But when faced with a real INJUSTICE—stand up for yourself, navigate around, and SMILE.

Here is this week’s journal prompt: 

Describe a time when you stood up for the underdog in your family, community, or workplace.

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