I think I can. I think I can. Grit.

To be successful in this world, you need more than just IQ points. Grit, the ability to persevere, will carry you through the darkest times.

Grit is not really taught in schools today. If you struggle in school, you get a low grade, then you move on to the next lessons.  You may or may not get the chance to improve. You may or may not even understand how you are missing the mark.

Real grit and determination means you take a hard look at what is not working, diagnose the problem, then take steps to correct it. The correction may happen in a few minutes, few days, or few months. But you keep at it until you get it.

Times today are difficult. Some of us may have adequate support from family, friends, or local agencies. And some of us may not. Dig deep. Look honestly at your challenges. What steps can you take to self-correct?

If you cannot pay the rent or mortgage and a local agency has not come through, what else can you do? Some industries are booming during this crisis. Grab your face mask and gloves and deliver groceries to those who need it. Walk the pets of owners who are too afraid to go out. Care for the children of moms and dads on the frontlines.

In many ways, we are dealing with much loss and stagnation. But through grit and determination, there are also opportunities to dig deep and survive. If you are not sure where to begin—grab your journal and brainstorm. First, vent your fears, worries, and frustrations. Get it all off your chest. Then, list possible solutions. Google it if you need to. Dream big. Start small.

 Here is your journal prompt for this week:

If you could go back in time and talk to yourself at 12, what is the one thing you would say?

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