#StayTheFHome #QuarantineLife #SocialDistancing has many of us stressed out to the max! Journaling is a great tool to manage stress. Managing stress keeps difficult emotions from escalating into anxiety or depression.  Use a journal to analyze emotions with the intent to cope with difficulties and challenges. Writing helps release tension. Writing helps understand the uncomfortable situations we may find ourselves in.

Stress management is great for the mind and body. Effective journaling may bring the following benefits:

  1. Decrease some health symptoms
  2. Strengthen the immune system
  3. Improve cognitive function
  4. Support goal-setting and positive action plans
  5. Shift the mind into a more positive perspective
  6. Reduce ruminating and over-thinking

Journaling your thoughts requires very little resources. Frankly, all you need is pen and paper. If you have regular access to technology, you can use a mobile device, laptop, tablet, etc. Start today and release worries.

Journal Prompt #101: Write about a time when work felt real, necessary, and/or satisfying. The work could be paid, unpaid, professional, domestic, or mental.

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