Welcome to part two of a five-part series on writing cover letters

Hiring managers are looking for candidates that can help them solve problems. Building on the company research you conducted in step one of cover letter writing, you should know the company’s biggest hurdles. You don’t have to be too detailed, but you can address a challenging trend in the industry. 

Give an example of an industry challenge. Then talk about your experience that has equipped you to meet the challenge. Describe a situation where you solved a similar problem in another position.  Highlight relevant accomplishments.

Show enthusiasm. Be clear about why you want the position. Today’s job market has a lot of job seekers with different skill sets. Show your passion for the position. You really shouldn’t apply to any job that doesn’t inspire your enthusiasm or build excitement.

Sending out 200 resumes is a waste of time. Pick 6-10 companies you really want to work for and put some muscle into your applications. Be authentic. Don’t go overboard with flattery or fudge the truth. No matter your age or stage in life, be mature and professional. Tailor the cover letter to the company and only use language the hiring manage would use.

Be concise. Do not tell your whole life story in a cover letter. The letter should be under one page. Shorter is better.

NEXT STEPS: Like, share, follow the blog. Come back next week to learn more. Check out part one in cover letter writing:  https://indigo-stone-va.com/2020/02/16/how-to-write-a-cover-letter-dip-a-toe-into-the-pool/

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