Welcome to the last blog post in the 4-part series on resume writing in 2020.

Hiring Managers have a difficult task. They need to fill job vacancies, but they must wade through poorly written resumes. Help a prospective employer make a quick decision to call you by crafting a nice resume.

The work history is the real “meat” to any resume. There are several ways to punch things up and make you look like a winner. The right resume will get the interview.

Do not copy the job description. Some job seekers copy and paste the job description. Big no-no!  Emphasize your accomplishments in previous positions. Quantify it. Use numbers, dollars, and percentages. Highlight how you saved the company.

Boast your problem-solving skills. Describe challenges, actions to overcome challenges, and results of your efforts in your work experience. Before you write the work history, you might consider drafting a list of all accomplishments in the last 10 years. Add the most impressive accomplishments to the resume. Write the result of your efforts, before concisely describing the problem and action.

Make it readable. Use a combination of bullets and paragraphs in work histories to keep it readable but not monotonous. Hiring managers need to be able to rest their eyes. Clearly label accomplishments as “accomplishments” or “key contributions.” Be concise. The resume should hook the reader and land you an interview. Do not tell your whole life story in a resume.

As always target the job vacancy. Use power words. You can find powerful verbs and synonyms online. Be honest. An honest and well-written resume will be called for interviews.

Have another person proofread your resume. When we write and read our own work it can be hard to catch mistakes. Before sending your resume to prospective employers, have a trusted person read over the resume. Have a friend proofread and check for tone.

NEXT STEPS:  Like, share, follow. Read last week’s resume tips:  https://indigo-stone-va.com/2020/01/19/write-that-resume-part-3-the-hook/

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