The holiday season is upon us. This may be the hardest time of year to find time to write. But try anyway. Take time for yourself and the creative muse.

Clear away distractions. Turn off the television, turn off email, and turn off the cell phone.  You might choose to play mellow music. Do not try to write and multi-task at the same time. It doesn’t help your creativity!

Experiment with your writing. Yes, it is important to read master writers, but do not copy their style. You can borrow a few bits and pieces. Find your own style, voice, mechanics, themes, etc. See what works for you. Toss the rest.

Revising is key to becoming a better writer. In the beginning you should spill your guts in words. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation do not matter – just write until you cannot write anymore.  But if you want to be a good writer, learn to revise. Check the mechanics. Also, go back over the writing and look for awkwardness, confusing, or unnecessary language.

Get feedback. Do not write in a vacuum. Find someone to read over your writing. If you have a friend with a writing or editing background, that’s even better. Someone who reads often can also give great feedback. Be a good listener and accept the criticism. Learn from the feedback. Don’t take anything personal.

Share your writing. After a certain point, you should share your work outside your circle of friends and family. Find a more public platform. You may decide to write for a publication. Maybe you’ll post your writings online. Perhaps you’ll write a guest post for someone who is more established. Take the risk. Give it a try. Have a thick skin. See what happens when you share your writing with the world.

NEXT STEPS:  Come back next week for more tips. Happy holidays to different parts of the world!

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