Whether you have professional or creative goals for your writing, there are tips to create a smooth process.

Read great writers. You’ve probably heard this many times throughout this blog, but it is important.  If you don’t read strong writing, you won’t know how to do it.  Everyone starts by reading the masters.  Read as much as possible.  Pay attention to style, mechanics, and content.

Write often. Try to write every day – multiple times a day if your schedule allows it.  Writing is a skill you can practice like playing a sport or learning a musical instrument. Write for different purposes. You can write for business, write for a blog, write for a publication, and more.  Writing gets easier with practice.

Write down ideas, no matter how random. Keep a journal offline or on your mobile device.  Throughout the day, jot down ideas from conversations, music, media, etc.  Later you may find gems that inspire you to develop a novel character, a magazine article, or a story to introduce a PowerPoint presentation.

Create a writing ritual. Find a regular time each day to write. It may be for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or more. If you can write for at least an hour, that is the best. Choose a good time of day. Maybe you’re an early bird and do your best thinking in the morning? Maybe you’re a night owl and prefer to write when others are sleeping? Do what works for you. Pick a routine you can commit to.

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