Welcome to the second installment sharing steps to speech writing. Whether you are presenting at the office, at school, or for a civic organization – there are key points to remember.

Repeat Yourself

People have short attention spans. Condense your message into a few key points and repeat them throughout your presentation. Always look for places to tie the speech back to the main topic.  Keep reinforcing your bottom line.

Use Transitions

Flag important messages with a good transition. Be direct if needed. You can say, “Here is the lesson.” Use rhetorical questions, “What does this mean?” A dramatic pause will get people’s attention.

Visuals Help

Using visuals during your speech will hammer in the message. You may choose props, demonstrations, videos, or even some dramatic interpretation. Keep it simple. Don’t be afraid to use everyday items. Be bold. You want to be memorable.

End Strong

People will remember how you end the speech more than anything else. Recap your biggest takeaway. Tie everything together. Share a success story. Present a call to action. Stand strong. The ending is what the audience will share with their friends and family.

Be Concise

Less is more. Make your points and sit down. The longer you talk, people’s minds will wander. The longer you talk, you might make mistakes. You are there to serve the audience.

NEXT STEPS:  Speech writing can be tricky. Contact Indigo Stone, if you need more support – 540.308.5867.

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