Regardless of the industry, consider the audience in all business writing. What is the purpose of the writing piece? What questions are to be answered? For example, when writing as an expert, information must be in a clear step-by-step order with potential precautions clearly presented. At times, expert writing benefits from visuals and diagrams.  It is also valuable to offer resources for additional help.

When the audience is decision makers in business, time is money. Immediately present the request in writing. Decision makers have multiple demands on their time. The writing should be persuasive, articulate the benefit, and show that the writer can deliver a quality product.

Information published for the internet has a different set of expectations. Material on the internet is more likely to be skimmed rather than read word for word. Summarize key points at the top of the browser window. Use visuals, animations, audio clips, video clips to highlight key points. Chunk the text into bite size pieces.

There are a few things to consider when determining the needs of an audience:

  • Who is the primary audience?
  • Does the writing have multiple audiences?
  • How knowledgeable are the primary and secondary audiences about the topic?
  • Does the writing attempt to inspire or support an emotion (informative, motivational, stress relief, grief, etc.)?

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