The business of securing a federal, state, or private grant is very competitive. The organization must craft a well written, concise proposal. Leave no room for questions or doubts for the reader.  The first thing to do before writing a grant proposal is to read the announcement multiple times. Make sure all requirements are understood. Have a conversation with the team to double check that the organization is equipped to satisfy all requirements. Not most, but all. The team should also discuss if the award is worth the effort and inspires full commitment.

Consider the financial structure of the business. Can the organization handle the financial reporting requirements and related tasks?  Finally, it must be decided who will write the grant proposal. Will the business use someone in-house or hire a professional grant writer? Regardless who does the writing, good proposals must include the following parts:

  • Goals & Objectives
  • Need
  • Response
  • Evaluation
  • Impact
  • Resources & Capabilities
  • Budget

NEXT STEPS: Grant writing can be challenging. Call us if you need help with your grant proposals. 540.308.5867

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