Welcome to the third and final bonus tip on designing employee evaluation forms.

All evaluation forms should be signed by the supervisor and employee with loose contractual language. In some organizations, the human resource lead or a top executive also sign the form. It is important to have checks and balances. No one should be working in a vacuum.

The contractual portion of the signature line should simply acknowledge that all the parties involved have discussed the contents of the evaluation and had the opportunity to ask questions. Do not require an employee to sign as an agreement or approval of the feedback. It is difficult for many people to receive constructive feedback. Some will disagree only because it is part of their nature.  See the example below.

 I have had the opportunity to review and discuss the contents of this evaluation with my supervisor and/or human resource lead. I do not agree or disagree with the contents.

 Print Name (Employee):_____________________________

Signature (Employee): ______________________________

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