As a business leader or employer, it is critical to give employees constructive written feedback. The feedback should support professional growth and productivity within the organization. Everyone doesn’t know how to give meaningful feedback. Everyone doesn’t know how to accept meaningful feedback. The key is to have an evaluation system that is transparent, fair, and realistic.

An employee evaluation form should assess performance within 3-5 categories. The focus should be factors that are important to the short- and long-term success of the business. The following are a few suggestions for developing top performance within staff:

  • Success within a Team
  • Success with Independent Tasks
  • Oral and Written Communication
  • Measurable Results and/or Accuracy of Work
  • Ethics and/or Professionalism

The written criteria for each category should be brief, positive and have a few examples of the desired behavior.

Success within a Team:  The employee makes tangible and intangible positive contributions to the team. The employee can navigate different viewpoints. The team can make meaningful progress towards goals and tasks with this employee. Examples of desired behavior include but are not limited to 1.) Has a pleasant demeanor 2.) Offers suggestions and feedback during discussions 3.) Has good time and attendance to team meetings.

The rating system for the evaluation form should range from unacceptable/needs improvement to exceeds expectations/excellent. It is also wise to pair the rating system with the use of points or a number scale (1-5). The form should help the supervisor and employee quantify performance, measure growth, and foster meaningful conversation.


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